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The innovative system for visual viewing

1. XDP-1 is the new large viewing field microscope. It produces sharp and stereoscopic images. It is to be operated easily and comfortable. Widely applied to biological dissection,electronics,minerals,restoration culture relic etc.


● Acquiring the internal patent and the only manufacturer of original creation; designing in combination with visual project.
● Imaging from optical entity; providing with various objectives of 2×、4×、6×、8×、10× and 15× magnification. The objectives can be conveniently changed; owning humanistic operating system.
● In humanized operation, XDP-1 can be intalled 3 objectives, so that change different magnification easily.
● For the long time viewing without visual weariness, the freely and comfortably operating can be beyond the visual limit, and improve the working efficiency.
● Possessing the super-long working distance, super-large viewing field and depth of focus, so that the operator hasn’t any limited.
● Electronics: PCB Setting, QC, Screening,Rework & Weld
● Precision project & Plastic: QC,Micro-welding,Micro-machining, Injecting & Moulding
● Medical & Dentistry Equipment Manufacturing: Finish machining, Setting, Fine Dressing, Color Matching, Rework & Overhaul
● Biological medicine: Sample-making, dissecting, Dyeing, Microscopy
● Public Security System
● Height:1800mm
● Free Viewing Body, Strength Range:850mm, easily observe large area objectives
● Stable stand, free sliding,long vertical distance is 580mm with boast up and down
● Universal block with tension adjustment in bottom, it can free to move or fix so that to observe in a good position.