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Total Magnification 40X-1000X
Viewing Body Square 45°Incline Monocular Body
Square 45°Incline Dual Viewing body
30°Incline Binocular Body,Interpupillary Adjustable Distance: 55mm~75mm
30°Incline Trinocular Body(2/8 Light Spectrum),Interpupillary Adjustable Distance: 55mm~75mm
Eyepiece WF10X (Viewing Field Diameter: ø18mm)
Objectives Adjustable Parfocal Achromatic Objective 4×/NA 0.1,10×/NA 0.25,40×(s)/NA 0.65,100×(s,oil)/NA.1.25
Mechanical Stage Size:140mm×120mm,Moving Range:70mm×40mm,Vernier Division: 0.1mm
Nosepiece Nosepiece of four holes revolving on ball
Condenser Abbe Condenser:N.A.1.25(Oil), Elevating Range:15mm
Focusing Coaxial coarse/fine focusing adjustment. Focusing Range: 20mm. Division of Fine Focus Adjustment: 0.002mm
Illumination 6V 20W Halogen Lamp With Adjustable Brightness, Free Voltage 100V-240V.Filter (blue)