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  1. Viewing Body:30°Incline Compensation Free Viewing  Body. Interpupillary Adjustable Distance: 55~75mm
  2. Eyepiece: WF10X(Viewing Field Diameter: ø18mm)
  3. Objectives: Infinity Achromatic 4×∞/NA 0.1 WD 13.9MM,10×∞/NA 0.25 WD 7.5mm, 40×(s) ∞/NA 0.65 WD 0.85mm,100×(s, oil) ∞/NA.1.25 WD 0.19mm
  4. Mechanical Stage: Double-plate mechanical stage,Size:185mm×145mm,Moving Range: 75(X)mm×50(Y)mm,precision: 0.1mm
  5. Nosepiece: Nosepiece of Four Holes
  6. Condenser: Abbe Condenser:N.A.1.25
  7. Illumination: 6V 30W Halogen Lamp, with adjustable brightness, free voltage 100V~240V, Blue Filter